Scott Machine is committed to helping you create engraved signs and badges that meet all your expectations. In addition to our precision AutoGraver machine, we offer support products to ensure the best possible results.

Engraving produces small chips that can create a nuisance on your clothing or, even more importantly, can interfere with the machine if they gather around the cutting device. Our compact vacuum is a necessity for keeping the machine and its work area in clean, working order. By installing a vacuum, you can walk away more confidently when engraving and return later to a clean machine and a finished, scratch-free sign.

Regular "shop vacs" are unsuitable because they are noisy and require substantial airflow to remain cool. Our AutoGraver vacuum, however, can be placed conveniently on the floor beneath your work bench, where it collects the engraved chips in an easy-to-empty plastic container. Clear, lightweight and very flexible hoses are included to attach the quiet vacuum to the engraver in a way that never impedes movement of the engraving machine.



Virtually all of our engraving customers use our tacky-surface Multi-Mat panel that, when placed on the bed of the engraving machine, greatly simplifies attaching flat signs to the engraving platform. Merely press your sign blank in place, and you're ready to engrave. No hassles, no slipping. When the engraving is done, simply remove the sign without the need for any tools. This sign-holding mat is vital for maximum productivity.
We offer optional software for preparing American Disabilities Act (ADA) signs that feature raised tactile letters. This software produces several forms of Braille that are easy to create, thanks to the software's user-friendly design. You can also order the special Braille cutting tool, as well as a profile cutter that cuts completely through the top layer of the sign panel to form the raised letters. All sorts of graphics, logos, additional fonts and international symbols are also available from our extensive inventory.

If scribing in metal, you'll find great value in our diamond drag bit, used to create fine-line monograms for award plaques, pewter medals and other metal items. We also offer a variety of burnishing tools, which produce burnished, matte-style letters on polished metals for a handsome contrasting look.

We think you'll be amazed at how many engraving materials, sign holders, mounting accessories and other sign-enhancing supplies we offer. Most of these are featured in our Supplies & Accessories section on this Web site. And if you can't find what you need there, just call us toll-free and we'll be glad to help.