Designed to fit conveniently on a bench top, the compact Scott AutoGraver machine measures about 20" wide x 19" deep x 8" high. The working area is 12" x 8", although a larger panel can be placed on the surface if needed. The machine can produce much of the information and identification signage required by most small to medium-sized organizations. Informational signs found in museums, in nursing homes or in college dormitory buildings are just a few examples of the types of signs that AutoGraver can handle effectively.


Once you have designed your layout and chosen the sign materials, the engraving panel is placed on the work surface of the machine.

The AutoGraver engraving machine works from a simple premise: a small spinning tool contacts the surface of the two-layer engraving material, removing the top layer and thereby exposing the lower layer's contrasting color. Even a non-technical user can achieve great results! And the cutting mechanism is completely enclosed for safety and dust control.

Cutting the material is easy and natural. The machine travels along the path of the letter shapes to engrave the letters and graphics as single-line characters, fill characters or multi-line characters, shown in our helpful animation link.



Though the Scott AutoGraver engraving machine has a few control buttons, the machine is actually directed by the software. Once the engraving begins, the operator can step away or begin to design another sign.
When the engraving is done, simply remove the sign from the machine and sweep the sign clean with a hand brush. Next, you can place the sign in one of our optional holders, mount the holder, and your job is successfully completed. If engraving a name badge, just add a pin and it's ready to wear with pride.