Designing your sign involves a variety of exciting choices. Not only do you create your sign layout, but the design is also affected by the size of your sign, the material you choose, any framing...even the sign's location and placement among other signs is, in effect, a design choice.

Before designing your sign, think about what you want your sign to say and how you want to say it. Is it meant to be a friendly greeting, an enhancing part of a room's décor, a cautionary phrase, informative or directional? Even the color of your surroundings plays a part in your design decision. Fortunately, Scott Machine offers a wide variety of sign materials, in a broad spectrum of colors, with many distinctive frames to accent your work. Our Supplies & Accessories section can be very useful to you, in making many of these design-related choices that enliven and enhance your finished product.
The Scott AutoGraver engraving machine simplifies signmaking because its unique TriPoint software was created especially for designing and engraving. You'll be impressed with how smoothly formed and well-spaced the letters are, resulting in signs that are attractive, legible and...most importantly...memorable. Creating the sign layout and setting the spacing is easy with the TriPoint software, which is highly intuitive and convenient to operate.


Adaptable for a variety of programs, our engraving software can import files from AutoCad and other popular line-art files. Most likely, you can import any files you already have for industrial layouts, "you are here" floor plans, technical drawings and other pertinent materials that you wish to utilize.

Special type designed just for engraving enables you to create messages that are clear and easily readable. The distinctive letter fonts that we offer fall into three different categories: single-line fonts, fill fonts and multi-line fonts.

One of the benefits of the TriPoint software is its library of more than 50 fonts that it offers to you. Plus, we have approximately 250 more fonts available for your use. Many of them are unique to engraving and cannot be found in the usual True Type libraries. We invite you to check out our Font Library link on this page.

Pictograms are among our most popular fonts because they can tell a story with a simple figure or symbol. We stock all of the popular ones, as well as some you may not have seen before. A good starting point is our font library, which features the pictograms included in our basic software package. Why not take a look!


Click here for a download of the demonstration for our TriPoint software that makes the AutoGraver machine highly intuitive and versatile for a variety of engraving jobs. And don't forget those all-important supplies and accessories!