With just a touch of ingenuity, engraving can create special effects for extra, attention-grabbing impact. Imaginative techniques such as reverse engraving and subsurface graphics make a distinctive statement. You can also cut custom shapes, use colored Plexiglas for edge-lite signs or heat and fold your material to make unique desk signs. Here are just a few examples of the unlimited possibilities available to you with engraving, the most universal sign-making method in existence. Now go ahead...display your brilliance for others to see!


Use a burnishing tool on a brass plate for awards and presentation plaques destined for a special place of honor.


Engrave on the back of engraving stock, then paint the engraved lines with model paints from your local hobby shop.


Special plastics, when lighted from the edge, create images of depth and clarity.


You can even make your own holiday ornaments in the bright, cheerful colors of the season.