Tough industrial environments need signs durable enough to withstand harsh weather and abrasions, yet flexible for attachment to uneven surfaces. In conditions such as these, engraving has always been the preferred sign-making method, providing that look of permanence. So go ahead...hang your sign from a cable, nail it in place or even attach it with double-sided tape. Under even the harshest conditions, your engraved message will keep on working. Need to make your signs onsite? With the AutoGraver method, look at all you can do.

Choose recognizable pictograms from the Scott-TriPoint pictogram library as easily as selecting fonts.  
In hot areas and harsh settings, Scott-Phenolic® engraving materials keep their cool.  
It's hard to miss messages created on brightly-colored Scott-Ply™ engraving materials.  
Use our ready-to-engrave blank hazard and safety signs in approved OSHA colors.  
Our versatile software allows automatic serialization, the perfect solution for numbered inventory tags.  

Prepare custom profiles to fit any switch or lamp, then engrave fine lettering. Now that's a bright idea!


Scott-TriPoint® software imports complex diagrams and text from popular CAD programs.


Generate durable, custom ID plates with clear instructions.