What’s New in Engraving Machines and Accessories

Many of our frequent innovations result from our clients’ valuable suggestions. So your input is always very important to us, and we like to keep you informed about new products and services that we offer. You’re invited – and yes, encouraged – to see what’s new from the Scott Machine family of companies. Please let us know your thoughts about any and all of these.




February 2018 – Light Brass and Nickel Name Tags Transformed

In some ways, the product may be old – we still use only genuine brass and real nickel for these popular name badges. They remain easy to engrave too, ensuring crisp, clear-edged lettering and rich black logos.

Now here’s what’s new…we offer an entire series of lighter weight metal name tags with frosted surfaces, enhanced with dramatic polished edges. Talk about words that really stand out in any size! Get the details here:
Solid Metal Name Tags.



March 2017 – Customized Engraving Colors

Express your corporate colors on desk plates, door and wall signs, particularly in real estate offices, bank branches and health care franchises that rely heavily on visible corporate branding. And don’t forget eye-opening engraving plastics in a multitude of rich colors that nicely showcase glass cubicles and offices awash in natural light.

For more color variety, check out our updated Scott-Spectrum Match® engraving plastics. We’ve perfected these plastics over the years, so that now we can even custom-color a single sheet for you! Learn more at
Custom Color Engraving Plastics.



April 2017 - Double-Duty Performance

Say hello to our engraving twins – two versatile machines that are identical except for bed size. Get close-up images via the link below.

You’ll see that both the EGX400 and the EGX600 feature a gantry X-axis that makes it easy to set down long panels for engraving especially large signs. Spindle speed is adjustable from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm, enabling you to engrave a wide assortment of materials. When it comes to a better level of production, these high-performance machines are two of a kind.

#EGX-400: $10,995; get $500 free engraving plastics
#EGX-600: $13,995; get $500 free engraving plastics
See our complete line of
Professional Engraving Machines.